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Family Vitality

Nutritional Therapy by Lisa Holloway

There are few things more important than nourishing yourself and your family.  Family Vitality offers naturopathic nutritional therapy to individuals and families to help them feel their very best.  Naturopathic nutrition seeks to support the body to heal itself through removing obstacles and addressing the root cause of ill health.

A naturopathic approach assesses the whole person taking into account the effect of lifestyle and other factors, as well as diet on the presenting symptoms.  Everyone is unique and my therapeutic approach will be as individual as you are.

So often we put up with feeling fatigued, bloated, foggy, low in mood, headaches, poor skin and poor digestion, plus many other symptoms we accept as being part of everyday life. Through individual therapy I explain how diet and lifestyle may contribute to your symptoms and how through making small changes you can help to regain your vitality.  

Many families have a number of dietary needs or preferences to cater for everyday. It is possible with a little planning and knowledge to eat the same family meals, simplify shopping and cooking. You can eat the same meals and I can show you how. Family therapy assesses the individual needs of two or more family members and proposes a plan to help the whole family find their vitality.

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 I offer a complimentary 20 minute discovery call to discuss your needs and how I may be able to support you with your health goals.

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 Individual or Family Therapy Sessions available.

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Meal Planning, shopping for new ingredients and support with meal preparation are all available as optional add-ons after first consultation

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